IThum Noida Sector-62

How to Select Office space in IThum Noida Sector-62 for continued success?

There is no denying that the Noida Real Estate Market is huge and has grown over the years by leaps and bounds. The initiative taken by the state government has pushed the commercial real estate market to boost. These changes in the city have created a high demand for office space for rent in The IThum Noida Sector-62 and other commercial projects. Noida has developed as a biggest hub in North India in Ease of doing business, which is the outcome of the sustained efforts of the government. The plethora of infrastructural changes announced in the last few years, improved & strong law & order, transport facilities etc. are not only accelerating the commercial real estate but boosting the demand of residential projects. The perfect planning of the city has paved the way for several advancements that affirm a promising success and growth of the region in coming years. The acceleration of IT or multinational companies are expanding in the city which acts in favour of the commercial real estate sector. Amongst the NCR cities, fully furnished office for rent in I-thum, Sector-62, Noida exclusively got minimum to maximum tastefully furnished spaces with many in house amenities. The sector has non congested land parcels which trigger commercial developers to think of more projects. l. So it would be ideal to look for commercial properties in Noida for investing in real estate.

How IThum Tower Sector-62 Noida is breaking all the benchmarks of Noida real estate?

Ready to move in Office space for rent in Sector-62 I-thum Noida is situated at a prime location which comes with high scale benefits. Based on the concept of creating well managed office space and creating opportunities for both employers and employees, Ithum consists of 3 towers, Tower-A, Tower-B & Tower-C, with majorly all sizes of offices available for every size of company. Ithum Tower Sector-62 Noida is a Grade-A modern office complex, located in the heart of Noida Sector-62, which is easily approachable from NH-24. It is equipped with state-of-the-art features likewise centrally air conditioned building, high-speed elevators, reserved parking spaces, 3 tier security, energy-efficient lighting, and a spacious lobby for the visitors to wait. The building is well-connected to public transportation especially from the blue line metro, which is just opposite the complex. Office for rent in Noida I-thum is surrounded by a variety of multi cuisine restaurants & street food stalls as well, shops for every need, and other local attractions. The office spaces in I-thum are designed to be flexible and adaptable, they can be customized according to the workspace required to meet the specific needs of the corporates. Whether it’s a small startup or a giant, Ithum Tower Sector-62 Noida has the space of every size and unlimited amenities to support any type of business.

What are the major attractions of I Thum Sector-62 Noida?

The maintenance charges and monthly rentals of Fully Furnished Office Space for lease in I-Thum Noida

–    Noida electronic city Metro station

–    Corporate look building at lesser rentals

–    Multiple transportation facility

–   Greener surroundings

–  Hospitals, Hotels, Restaurants, Police stations, Banks are easily accessible

–    Located on NH-24, approachable from other routes too

–    Wider roads, reserved parking

–   The maintenance of Offices in IThum Tower Sector-62 Noida before covid period has been supervised by CBRE and now  by I Thum authority itself.

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    Iconic tower noida Sector-62

    Area: 500 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 27,000(54/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector-62 

    Furnished office space in iconic tower

    Area: 750 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 41,250(55/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector-62

    Iconic tower Sector-62

    Area: 1,000 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 58,000(58/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector-62

    office space for rent in sector 62 i thum

    Area: 12,50 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 67,500 (54/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector-62

    Area: 14,50 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 84,100(58/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector-62

    Office space in I Thum Noida 1700 sqft

    Area: 1,700 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 1,02,000(60/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector 62

    office space in i thum 1850 sqft

    Area: 1,850 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished/ Bareshell

    Rent: Rs 1,11,000(60/-Sq.Ft)

    Where :I Thum Tower Sector-62

    office space in i thum 2000 sqft

    Area: 2,000 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 1,20,000(60/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector-62

    office space in i thum 2500 sqft

    Area: 2,500 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 1,50,000(60/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector-62

    Area: 3,200 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 1,92,000(60/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector-62

    Office space in I Thum Noida 4000 sqft

    Area: 4,000 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 2,40,000(60/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I Thum Tower Sector-62

    Office Space in I Thum Noida 850sqft

    Area: 850 Sq.Ft

    Type: Furnished

    Rent: Rs 48,450(57/-Sq.Ft)

    Where : I-Thum Tower Sector-62

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